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About the Willow Veterinary Center Team in San Diego

san diego veterinary centerVivianne Villanueva - Owner and Founder

An only child, Vivianne often looked to her pets as surrogate brothers and sisters. She grew up with dogs, cats, horses, ducks, rabbits, sheep and a variety of other animals. By far, her favorite pet of all time is Bega, a black sheep that thought she was a dog. Vivianne's pets have always been an integral part of her life.

Vivianne has proudly owned Peaceful Paws Pet Cremation and Memorials since 2005. Peaceful Paws has become one the largest and most respected pet crematories in the country. In 2014, after a difficult personal experience, Vivianne and her husband Sarit opened Into the Sunset Pet Transition Center. Into the Sunset is the first brick-and-mortar veterinary center dedicated to all aspects of end-of-life care for special pets and their families.

Vivianne and Sarit are the proud parents of a son, Kiran. Their pet family includes Olivia, a Brussels Griffon; Ziggy, a mixed breed rescue; and Little, a feisty black cat. In her free time Vivianne enjoys traveling, photography and spending time with friends and family.